About this event

A few months ago Peddlers Village Faire had decided to broaden its horizons. While still maintaining our arts and craft venue, we decided that we wanted to offer more. Many thoughts and ideas were created and discarded, all but one…this one…Mystic Con.

It all seemed to point in a new direction. Why not create an Imaginarium, a place that is fun, crazy, mystical and open for everyone to enjoy, where dreams and fantasy can blend with reality, an Imaginarium of Wonder.

This two day event is about fun. It’s about unusual and amazing artists, crafters, artisans and creators of unusual items. Here you will find other forms of creativity that will fuel your imagination and wonder. 

Browse through jewelry, art originals and prints, cards, t shirts, stuffed animals, clothing, stuff for the home, stuff to wear, stuff that works and things that you may have never seen before and just about anything else you might or might not think of.

It’s open to absolutely everyone and admission is 100% FREE.

A perfect place to grab some fantastic gifts and indulge all your various shopping dreams. 

Remember, searchers are the finders of treasures, and treasures are what you will find.

This is a great way to spend a totally free day with the family. However, donations at the door will be totally appreciated.


Food and beverages available all weekend.





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