One of the most unique events is happening in Fremont this Sept. 16th-17th,  and you’re invited. Mystic Cons’ 2017 Imaginarium of Wonder is bringing you something different. Here is where you will enjoy a spirited and a little bit spooky, fun event in the heart of funky Fremont at the Palladium!

You will meet unique artisans and crafters who create unusual items of imagination and wonder. Paranormal experts and ghost hunters will share with you their expertise and more.

The overall appeal of Mystic Con… Is safely being in a place where you could truly be yourself and meet people of like mind and who share what you love. Even if you don’t agree with some of what they believe, keep an open mind and be ready to not only learn, but to make new friends. 

So if you’ve never been, or a friend is urging you to come along, do it. Go in with an open mind and a positive attitude and you may not only learn a thing or two but you may leave there with a new friend or two.

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