Changing With the Times

There was a time, when every convention focused on its one genre. Gaming conventions were for gamers, literature shows were for readers, and comic book shows were retail events. The established conventions were successful, and the organizers stuck to their formulas. But, as times have changed, so have the Conventions. Today, there are conventions that provide a mix of many genres and offer new and exciting events for people to attend.

A few months ago Peddlers Village Faire realized that it had to grow and keep up with the times. It wanted to broaden its horizons to become more than just an arts and crafts event. It decided to become more, it had to offer more. Many thoughts and ideas were created and discarded, all but one…Mystic Con.

Mystic Con is working hard behind-the-scenes to bring you an amazing list of talented artists, crafters, authors, ghost hunters, creators, and visionaries who each contribute to the world of Mystic Cons Imaginarium of Wonder in their own unique way. Stay tuned for the next few weeks as we start to announce Mystic Con’s 2017 lineup!

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