If you are, or if you know of any weird, quirky, unusual, bizarre and amazing artisans, that would be interested in vending at a ridiculously fun event, with incredible talent? Then we would love it if you could pass this along.

Come in costume and add to the atmosphere. If you want to run a game/s, let us know.



What does my Booth fee pay for? 

  • A venue right smack dab in the heart of Fremont.

  • Professional flyer/poster design.

  • 100 11×17 posters all over Fremont and Seattle.

  • 10 hours of work putting up posters.

  • 2000 flyers (500 for me to put out, and some that will be mailed to you to hand out).

  • People to snag passer-by’s during the show’s open hours, with small flyers.

  • 3 bright Mystic Con signboards & balloons placed outside and on the corners to attract visitors.

  • Signage advertising the event

  • Viral presence on Facebook, including social media, and the combined reach of all the vendors!

  • Posts on the Facebook event with your product/service.

  • Your business promoted, and name linked back to your Facebook business page (if available).

  • You will get your link posted in “ARTISANS” on our website that links to your own page. Your page will link back to your Facebook business page and etsy shop/website, and houses the selection of photos you send with your application, as well as the business description (so please send a good one). 

  • Press releases sent to all local papers.

  • Facebook ads.

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